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Twelfth Night... the last 15 minutes.

OK, since Sunday night’s show started 30 minutes earlier than Saturday, and we were able to find a parking garage that didn’t close until Midnight, I was able to stay for the last fifteen minutes of the show and curtain call. 

Although Randy had no more dialog, he is on stage the entire time… mostly hugging Olivia, or simply observing as the rest of the play’s misconceptions are unraveled. Including the discovery of the prank played on Malvolio, and the release of Antonio from custody. The Duke and Viola finally succumb to their attraction, even if Orsino does need some convincing while Viola is still dressed as “Cesario!”  Both happy couples do share a dance w/ each other as well as couples… so I did miss Randy dancing yesterday.

At curtain call, the two couples appear last, taking their bows and then departing… as they leave, Sebastian playfully chases Olivia off stage while tugging at her gown.


As I expected, there was so much going on in this play I noticed some things tonight that I didn’t on first viewing. I was also seated closer to the stage – 6th Row Center – so that also added to the enjoyment. I thought Randy’s facial expressions when first meets Olivia were priceless. His comedic timing was perfect. His shirtless “Dance of Joy” was also done w/ just a bit more flourish.

The Theater was once again near capacity and the audience was very enthusiastic. I think that translated to the stage and allowed the actors to feed on it.

As to some questions I had about Antonio & Sebastian, and the age of the twins… I picked up a few more clues.  In one scene, Olivia asks about the young gentleman The Duke has sent to do his bidding… Malvolio responds that he “is not yet a man, but also not still a boy... perhaps midway b/ a man and a boy.” Now I know concept of adulthood was different when this play was written… but I took it to mean 16 or 17. That would certainly allow for the “not a man, yet not a boy" comment, but it would, IMO, still make it believable for Sebastian to be able to take on three grown men in a fight.

As for Antonio and Sebastian, in Act II, since the stage has already been inundated w/ the rose petals of love, the actors playing the ensemble roles now appear on stage and perform a tango style dance to hearken the arrival or departure of couples in love. When Antonio and Sebastian leave after one of their scenes, two male actors perform the Tango dance.

Some other things I noticed… the only time Sebastian appears in Act I, he is in shadow as the rose petals fall over Olivia as she watches “Cesario” leave. When it is not TRUE love, such as Malvolio falling for Olivia, the rose petals are red and yellow.

I once again waited for Randy after the show, knowing that since this was closing it might be a long wait…. And it was. Randy had come out earlier w/ some other people from the show and they loaded some things in cars before going back inside. (Randy ran across the street while trying very hard NOT to spill the drink he was carrying! You will be happy to know he was successful! ) He was very surprised to see me when he did leave, walking over and asking why I didn’t stop him earlier. I explained I didn’t want to intrude on his conversation w/ his friends. He chatted for a while, signed a playbill for me and for a friend and then posed for a few pictures, before thanking me for coming and wishing me well. We departed as other cast members who were leaving called out to him, "Hey, Randolph!"

All in all a very nice ending to summer vacation!

 One picture w/o flash, and the one where we remembered!


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Glad you enjoyed the report, and yes, Randy did seem quite happy and relaxed.

I like his expression in the first pic better, that's why included it even though it is such poor quality.