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2012-06-23 10:09 am


Randy, as waiter/bartender: (Taking a large bill from Jenn) “Is that for the Manhattan & and the Martini?”

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent of Randy’s scene in the finished movie. But ya know what? The rest of the movie is more than worth the price of admission.

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2010-09-06 02:27 am

Twelfth Night... the last 15 minutes.

OK, since Sunday night’s show started 30 minutes earlier than Saturday, and we were able to find a parking garage that didn’t close until Midnight, I was able to stay for the last fifteen minutes of the show and curtain call. 

Although Randy had no more dialog, he is on stage the entire time… mostly hugging Olivia, or simply observing as the rest of the play’s misconceptions are unraveled. Including the discovery of the prank played on Malvolio, and the release of Antonio from custody. The Duke and Viola finally succumb to their attraction, even if Orsino does need some convincing while Viola is still dressed as “Cesario!”  Both happy couples do share a dance w/ each other as well as couples… so I did miss Randy dancing yesterday.

At curtain call, the two couples appear last, taking their bows and then departing… as they leave, Sebastian playfully chases Olivia off stage while tugging at her gown.

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